Definition of color code in US English:

color code


  • A system of marking things with different colors as a means of identification.

    • ‘Mark your sets with the date and a number or color code.’
    • ‘Its remote control panel might have 21 buttons, but a simple colour code made it easy to use.’
    • ‘The color code lets you know the range of alcohol that is likely in the user's system.’
    • ‘Only eight of the 30 Web sites used the standard color code.’
    • ‘To mark the six months since the September 11 atrocities, your administration has launched a national colour code showing the level of the terrorist threat facing the country.’
    • ‘The color code now skyrockets to Condition Red.’
    • ‘Glass panels on the facade adhere to a color code: yellow marks the living spaces, blue marks the bedrooms, and green has been used for the natural-ventilation chimneys.’
    • ‘She uses a colour code to help tell apart her 22-month-old identical triplet sons.’
    • ‘Didn't you learn the color code and memorize it?’
    • ‘One afternoon, when our nation's security color code went to orange, a commercial popped up on my TV screen for homeland security training and jobs.’
    • ‘The website will be updated weekly using a colour code to denote changes, with gold heralding the peak period.’
    • ‘Passengers will be assigned a color code - green, yellow or red - based in part on their city of departure, destination, traveling companions and date of ticket purchase.’
    • ‘The color code has morphed over the years, but here's a summary of the current version.’
    • ‘Generally, these tanks are color coded and marked by the NFPA diamond system.’
    • ‘We propose a simplified model, wherein each system will be labeled with a color code based on two factors.’
    • ‘Each pair of interacting systems could be given a color code based on the scheme described above.’
    • ‘Finally, a color code is assigned to each passenger - green for normal screening, yellow for extra searches, and red for not being allowed to fly.’
    • ‘The legend shows the color code for studied populations.’


[with object]usually be color-coded
  • Mark (things) with different colors as a means of identification.

    ‘each unit is color-coded for clarity’
    • ‘Such graphic organizers allow students to manipulate and reconfigure brainstormed ideas and color code and group those ideas in ways that visually represent their thoughts.’
    • ‘They go beyond identifying particular postcodes and streets and actually colour-code individual houses.’
    • ‘For security reasons (I assume), taxis in Israel are color coded.’
    • ‘The parents of a 22-year-old woman who was killed by a drug mix-up said she had died for the sake of a few pence - the cost of colour-coding the different dosages.’
    • ‘Breaking this soft wash of color every few yards was a door, clearly marked and color coded, each sporting a simple privacy lock and message board.’
    • ‘We could even call them clues, and color code them.’
    • ‘The government plans to institute a new system that's really going to color code passengers as they go through security.’
    • ‘Using a simplified, less cluttered design, each section is colour-coded, so visitors can easily identify where they are, and the site is more intuitive, which means it can be navigated more easily.’
    • ‘The other powerful feature is the facility to colour code different file types so that you can see at a glance how much space is being taken up by different sorts of files.’
    • ‘Not being able to color code folders is a major loss for me.’
    • ‘Caps are often color coded by product to help shoppers make quick decisions and retailers set up merchandising displays.’
    • ‘Similarly our efforts to develop way-finding aids and to distinguish between thematic galleries by color-coding the labels goes relatively unnoticed.’
    • ‘A study of the causes of adverse medication errors in anesthesia revealed that mix-ups of syringes were not eliminated by color coding the labels.’
    • ‘The different virus families are colour-coded.’
    • ‘Another very nice feature found here is that the connectors controlling the front panel are color coded to make it easier to see what connects to what.’
    • ‘The researchers color-coded the little nylon bags for easy identification of the contents later on.’
    • ‘Prices are color coded so you know how old they are.’
    • ‘These high-risk roads are colour-coded and shown on the map, which shows the statistical risk of death or injury.’
    • ‘The roads are colour-coded so that certain traffic lanes are barred to certain types of vehicles.’
    • ‘Thoughtfully, the boxes for the different parties are colour-coded according to party.’


color code