Definition of color-field painting in US English:

color-field painting

(also colorfield)


  • A style of American abstract painting prominent from the late 1940s to the 1960s which features large expanses of unmodulated color covering the greater part of the canvas. Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko were considered its chief exponents.

    • ‘Among the specific trends encompassed by the term post-painterly abstraction are minimalism and colour-field painting.’
    • ‘Jacks has often been called a Romantic, even though his work is vigorously abstract, and has been closely aligned with minimalism and colour-field painting.’
    • ‘All the familiar movements in art have their patch of ground: here is a room of Abstract Expressionist painting, there one of color-field painting.’
    • ‘His work is also in the style of colour-field painting.’
    • ‘Blake's tact was to merge the spatial logic of drawing and the emotional intensity of Abstract Expressionist and colour-field painting, with motion and sound to create an all encompassing, time-based experience.’
    • ‘Geometric abstraction and colour-field painting were the height of art fashion in America in the 1960s.’
    • ‘In some ways, Frankenthaler has suffered as a result of her close identification with the emergence of color-field painting in Washington and New York four decades ago.’
    • ‘Used to describe works that were created in the United States between the mid-1950s and the 1970s, the term color-field painting evokes a large canvas seen as a field of color, often the result of thinned paint poured onto unprimed canvas.’
    • ‘The gallery manages to represent a wide gamut of modern painting styles: colour-field painting, abstracts, figurative and representational styles are all here.’
    • ‘Frankenthaler has been considered a transitional artist between Abstract Expressionism and color-field painting.’
    • ‘They were both influenced by her work, which came to be called color-field painting, and lyrical abstraction.’