Definition of colony collapse disorder in US English:

colony collapse disorder


  • The sudden mass disappearance of the majority of worker bees in a colony. The causes of the phenomenon are unclear, though many possible causes or contributory factors have been proposed, such as diseases, pathogens, pesticides, and changes in habitat.

    • ‘Beekeepers in Europe, North America and elsewhere are worried by so-called colony collapse disorder, a phenomenon which has been blamed on mites, a virus or fungus, pesticides or a combination thereof.’
    • ‘The declining population of honey bees, particularly due to colony collapse disorder (CCD), is troubling.’
    • ‘Any healthy bee colony is a good thing considering millions of bees have mysteriously died from Colony Collapse Disorder.’
    • ‘Since it was recognized in 2006, colony collapse disorder has destroyed colonies at a rate of about 30 percent a year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.’
    • ‘Scientists will examine the effectiveness of pesticides in protecting the bees from colony collapse disorder and varroa mite.’