Definition of colonially in US English:



  • See colonial

    • ‘The book's central characters begin to define themselves against a colonially defined and internalized isolation, fear, or even pride only with the support of others who also have experienced oppression.’
    • ‘Swallows included in this study bred colonially in three farms located less than 5 km apart.’
    • ‘In colonially nesting Razorbills, a seabird traditionally viewed as monogamous with biparental care, both sexes attend mating arenas to obtain extrapair copulations (EPCs).’
    • ‘At the present, local systems for the allocation of property, Islamic law, and colonially derived property rules (mostly affecting parcels in urban areas) coexist, but not without conflict, side by side.’
    • ‘In contrast, African intellectuals generally believe that this usage reflects the usual European or colonially derived stereotypes about Africa.’