Definition of Colombian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Colombia or its people.

    ‘a remote village near the Colombian border’
    ‘the former Colombian president’
    • ‘A Colombian coffee has a winey flavor associated with its acidity.’
    • ‘He may be an American, but his knowledge of Colombian politics and lifestyle is extensive and a tribute to the thorough research he carried out before filming.’
    • ‘The site of the Colombian artist's sculpture was the imposing 19th-century Anglican Cathedral.’
    • ‘He was born in Spain and one of his parents is Colombian.’
    • ‘A famous Saxon heirloom is nearby, the lump of brown iron ore studded with newly-discovered Colombian emeralds.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Colombia.

    ‘only 17 percent of Colombians live in Bogota’
    • ‘After the late 1970s, many Colombians chose to settle in Miami, which they found attractive for its climate, growing economy, and tradition of tolerance.’
    • ‘His many works filled Colombians with curiosity and admiration for the region's cultural complexity, its contemporary myths, its take on reality.’
    • ‘I had never climbed so fast in my life, either, but my attempts to keep up with the Colombians were hopeless.’
    • ‘A native Colombian who has never acted in a film before, she has the face of Raphael's Madonna and displays a gravitas far beyond her 23 years.’
    • ‘In New York in the '70s, with the Cuban embargo, you'd get the Puerto Rican musicians and exiled Cuban musicians mixing with Colombians.’