Definition of colobine in US English:



  • An Old World monkey of a mainly leaf-eating group that includes the colobus monkeys, langurs, and leaf monkeys.

    Subfamily Colobinae, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘There were five primate lineages studied here: hominoids, colobines, cercopithecines, platyrrhines (New World monkeys), and lemurs.’
    • ‘Notably, the postcrania of these fossil cercopithecines and colobines are quite similar (unlike the situation today) and suggest semi-terrestrial habits.’
    • ‘The two top models differ in class allocation for a single branch - the ancestor of colobines and cercopithecines.’
    • ‘Among Asian colobines are Borneo's proboscis monkey, the Chinese snub-nosed monkeys and langurs, such as the douc of South-east Asia.’
    • ‘The RNase1 gene was duplicated twice in ancestral ruminants at least 40 MYA, and it was also duplicated in the douc langur, an Asian colobine, approximately 4 MYA.’


1950s: from modern Latin Colobinae, based on Greek kolobos ‘cut short’.