Definition of collusively in English:



  • See collusion

    • ‘Under these circumstances, the principle issue of concern the antitrust exception raises for physicians is the extent to which hospitals may seek to use Proposition 86 to collusively set the amounts they will pay for on-call stipends.’
    • ‘Nor can the police act collusively by supplying information to assist those committing wrongful acts or by encouraging them to commit wrongful acts.’
    • ‘In the case of minibuses, different individual taxi associations appear to decide collusively on taxi fares to be charged per route, outside consultation with, or interference by, the authorities.’
    • ‘For example, the Collusive Practices Act 1965 makes it an offence to collusively tender for government contracts or bid collusively at certain auctions in Victoria.’
    • ‘By capping subscription levels at 30%, the rule ensures that two large cable operators, either collusively or independently, cannot deny a video programmer access to that 40% of the market that the FCC determined was necessary to launch a viable independent network.’