Definition of colligative in US English:



  • Relating to the binding together of molecules.

    ‘the colligative properties of dilute solutions’
    • ‘Their antifreeze effect is due to their colligative (water-binding) properties and is thus directly related to their concentration.’
    • ‘These studies distinguish the conformational and colligative properties of the individual bases in DNA and their inherent capacity to promote specific folding pathways.’
    • ‘Although no measurements of osmotic coefficients of proteins in a muscle cell have been made to date to corroborate this assumption, a variety of other motional and colligative properties of muscle solutes have been investigated.’
    • ‘These are the colligative properties of a solution, and the property that road salt crews exploit is freezing-point depression.’
    • ‘Any solute will affect the colligative properties of a solution.’