Definition of collie in US English:


nounPlural collies

  • A sheepdog of a breed originating in Scotland, having a long, pointed nose and thick, long hair.

    • ‘They have six dogs in training - all pure breed collies trained for competition.’
    • ‘He has his two sheepdogs - collies Joe and Jeff - hot on his heels.’
    • ‘For example, when collies became popular pets in the Victorian period, they lost many of the characteristics that made them effective herd dogs.’
    • ‘While innate livestock sense is bred into all good working collies, their working style can vary.’
    • ‘By 1944, the Army accepted only five breeds: German shepherds, Belgian sheepdogs, Doberman pinschers, farm collies, and giant schnauzers.’


Mid 17th century: perhaps from coal (the breed originally being black).