Definition of colliculus in US English:


nounPlural colliculi

  • A small protuberance, especially one of two pairs in the roof of the midbrain, involved respectively in vision and hearing.

    • ‘This decussation occurs in the midbrain tegmentum at the level of the inferior colliculi.’
    • ‘The posterior thalamic or pulvinar nuclei project backwards over the superior colliculi of the midbrain.’
    • ‘Each sensory input is distributed across the superior colliculus to form a neural ‘map’ in a particular layer of the nucleus.’
    • ‘For example, the analysis found a relative increase in the distance between the superior colliculus and the splenium of the corpus collosum in patients.’
    • ‘Normally it extends caudally over the superior colliculi of the midbrain.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin, diminutive of collis ‘hill’.