Definition of collectivism in English:



  • 1The practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it.

    • ‘In our education, collectivism and individualism are mutually exclusive and we are always taught to sacrifice individual interests for those of our team.’
    • ‘Huawei eliminates individualism and promotes collectivism, " Cheng said.’
    • ‘One of the most common ways psychologists conceptualize culture is by discussing societies in terms of individualism and collectivism.’
    • ‘Behind these lay another debate between equally traditional views of collectivism v. individual initiative and between atheistic materialism and the belief that the world was created by God.’
    • ‘Four questions seem to be most relevant when learning to communicate with music students from other cultures: Does the student value individualism more than collectivism or vice versa?’
    • ‘Also, he had written a song called ‘Man is the Measure of All Things’, which he claimed was a hymn to individualism and against collectivism.’
    • ‘These sessions also acquaint youths with positive examples of African American cultural values, such as cooperation, collectivism, and interdependence.’
    • ‘But both extremes, rugged individualism and ruthless collectivism, are unbalanced and destructive.’
    • ‘In such a conflictual family environment, it is difficult to organize family activities, and family members will tend to focus on themselves, thus stressing individualism rather than collectivism.’
    • ‘In such a harmonious family environment, family members do not exercise a high degree of independence, and collectivism rather than individualism is stressed.’
    • ‘Here was a movement whose ideal of collectivism frowned on individual romances.’
    • ‘Storey and Sisson recommend the UK find a better balance between individualism and collectivism in managing its human resources and industrial relations.’
    • ‘Where is the new thinking on questions of individualism, collectivism, consumerism, choice and equity?’
    • ‘Individual freedom is the one American project, ideal collectivism the European one.’
    • ‘This will ultimately foster the spirit of individualism rather than collectivism in the youth.’
    • ‘Social contract predicts a gradual movement from collectivism to individual liberty - it also regards self-respect as the very first primary social good.’
    • ‘In England, these energies tended to become infused with a democratic radicalism which eschewed collectivism in favor of individual self-interest.’
    • ‘My position is that I am for the common people - which is why I share some of the outlook of the American Populists - but against any kind of collectivism that denies personal freedom and suppresses individual rights.’
    • ‘Singelis modified Markus and Kitayama's crosscultural theory of individualism and collectivism to formulate an individual differences model involving independent and interdependent self-construals.’
    • ‘It is possible that individualism and collectivism operate very differently at the individual level than at the cultural level.’
    state ownership, socialism, radical socialism
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    1. 1.1 The theory and practice of the ownership of land and the means of production by the people or the state.
      • ‘The Universal Declaration does not aim for complete equality and it certainly isn't compatible with a political system based on some form of coercive collectivism, or state socialism as it existed in Eastern Europe - quite the contrary.’
      • ‘They believed that these residual symbols were embers of a totalitarian collectivism that also lay smoldering in the socialist state.’
      • ‘Protectionism and collectivism are only the first steps toward communism.’
      • ‘Surely, such a scientific ‘double whammy’ rendered any concept of socialism, of collectivism, of a society based on co-operation and solidarity, a mere pipe-dream?’
      • ‘‘The collectivism that big government espouses undermines capitalism,’ Cypress Semiconductor CEO T.J. Rodgers notes.’
      • ‘One section of the Party was content simply to reduce the rate of accumulation, give more autonomy to industrial managers, relax the intensity of collectivism in agriculture, and modify the proportions of sectoral investment.’
      • ‘On the other hand, it was also opposed to collectivism - any attack on the principle of private property - and to Communism, and was supported by many on the Right who had no traditional party of the Right to vote for at the Liberation.’
      • ‘It was a nightmare world in which human individuality was subsumed under the might of totalitarian collectivism.’
      • ‘This contained the first statement of his views on collectivism, which made an impact on the Liberal Party in the 1890s through ‘New Liberalism’.’
      • ‘Likewise, the polar opposite of collectivism, capitalism, could be twisted in a similar method.’
      • ‘And as much as we might admire Rand's deep-rooted hatred of collectivism, her philosophy is still just another utopian dream, a transvalued Marxism.’
      • ‘No longer able to rely on Marxism to excite voters, the left turned to nationalism as a new form of collectivism.’
      • ‘In subsequent decades opinion moved away from collectivism and toward a belief in free markets and limited government.’
      • ‘Communitarian concepts have been gaining a following in response to excessive individualism in the West and a retreating from collectivism and authoritarianism in other parts of the world.’
      • ‘If we want Linux to be the Trojan Horse of collectivism in this overly capitalistic and individualistic society, we have to fight the right battle with the right set of arguments.’
      • ‘She was apparently horrified by Stalinist collectivism and its brutality.’
      • ‘The peasants' preference for egalitarian collectivism was shown in one of the most important functions of the mir, its allocation of the peasants' land.’
      • ‘Many of the wartime controls and the apparatus of state collectivism disappeared as if they had never been.’
      • ‘The driving theme of Harrington's major works was that modern industrialized societies are moving ineluctably toward some variable form of collectivism.’
      • ‘From Shachtman he inherited his signature theories of democratic Marxism and bureaucratic collectivism, as well as his socialist outrage at the communist perversion of socialism.’