Definition of collective security in US English:

collective security


  • The cooperation of several countries in an alliance to strengthen the security of each.

    • ‘In the 1920s and 1930s he was one of the leading advocates of collective security to deter war.’
    • ‘United Nations members are pledged to collective security, i.e. to protecting any member nation from aggression at the hands of another.’
    • ‘The CIS had no common parliament, president, or citizenship, only a vague pledge to work on collective security.’
    • ‘In particular, he was seen as the champion of collective security through the League of Nations, though Eden had a more circumscribed view of the league's potentialities than public opinion imagined.’
    • ‘The Labour Party espouses the creation of a global order conducive to democracy, collective security, arms control and working-class solidarity across nations.’
    • ‘What the League of Nations was meant to do was provide collective security so that each nation that was a member would not fear attack by another power, and it was also meant to prevent wars.’
    • ‘How might the world evolve from where we are toward a balanced regime that promotes collective security, distributive justice, cultural pluralism and individual freedom?’
    • ‘They warned that benign conditions were being assumed as the prerequisite for successful collective security, while also imagining that collective security would produce these very conditions.’
    • ‘Almost immediately, the emergence of the Cold War undercut hopes that the United Nations could serve as a means of collective security.’
    • ‘The welfare state offered collective security, optimism and promises of betterment as a counter to the discontents which has fuelled imperialism, Stalinism and fascism.’
    • ‘It so happened that with regard to Afghanistan, NATO invoked collective security, as did the UN.’
    • ‘We stand for national security based on collective security.’
    • ‘The charter's provisions limiting the use of force were adopted as part of a larger system of collective security that the Security Council was meant to enforce.’
    • ‘Foreign policy battles faded as a recognition developed of the value of allies and the glowing promise of collective security through the United Nations.’
    • ‘More generally, there are several general contemporary trends towards collectivization of security (as distinct from collective security properly speaking).’
    • ‘Then, with only the General Assembly left, we need to change the voting procedure there to reflect both real-world power and dedication to collective security.’
    • ‘The party that I lead played a noble role in establishing the post-war institutions and alliances that preserved collective security and eventually liberated Eastern Europe from tyranny.’
    • ‘At the third level, the international community has put in place the apparatus of global collective security in the United Nations.’
    • ‘The absence of genuine collective security during the Cold War did not prevent misuse of the term.’
    • ‘The left was internationalist: it was committed to reconciliation with Germany, disarmament, and collective security through the League of Nations.’


collective security

/kəˈlektiv səˈkyo͝orədē/