Definition of collateralize in US English:


(British collateralise)


[with object]
  • Provide something as collateral for (a loan)

    ‘these loans are collateralized by property’
    • ‘They were collateralized with assets like machinery, factories and the land they're standing on.’
    • ‘Underperforming hedge funds are looking to load up on credit risk via collateralized debt obligations or the fast maturing high yield debt market, say credit derivative traders.’
    • ‘Buying activity is also likely to pick up during the next two years as banks begin to more actively dispose of their non-performing loans - which are largely collateralized with real estate - pulling retail prices down further, said Huang.’
    • ‘It ruled that the Taipei City Government has to pay back the money within a month, otherwise the department will collateralize its non-public property.’
    • ‘We believe, however, that collateralized relations can lead to the opposite, the establishment of a market in situations where no market might otherwise obtain.’
    • ‘For example, the church may be able to obtain a loan from a financial institution without collateralizing or impairing the church's restricted funds.’
    • ‘The bonds are collateralised with receivables under lease and loan agreements of BM Leasing as well as with the leased property under these agreements.’
    • ‘However, you won't get any money unless you can completely collateralize the loan through your own personal assets.’
    • ‘It happened that the financing of public works through external capital secured or collateralized by the national government, such as eventually occurred in other countries of Latin America, was hindered in Colombia.’
    • ‘That way, they know the bank has avenues to collateralize your loan with some of your personal assets.’
    • ‘A working-capital line of credit would be at a lower interest rate and could be collateralized through the company's assets - in this case its receivables.’
    • ‘If you want to start a restaurant or a small manufacturing company, you go to the bank and get a loan collateralized by very real assets belonging to you or somebody willing to take the risk for you (like, say, your friendly Godfather).’
    • ‘In 2001, the endowment would have dwindled to only $28.9 million, below the $35 million level the museum is required to maintain under the terms of a letter of credit collateralizing the bonds for the expansion.’
    • ‘The company was founded in 1992 by Ken Coldrick and designs collateralised trading solutions.’
    • ‘Granted, it's low margin business but it is fully collateralized.’
    • ‘Below, we briefly suggest seven ways social relations can be collateralized, that is, made to serve economic purposes.’
    • ‘In the 1980s risk management instruments were created and included interest rate and currency swaps, collateralized mortgage obligations, caps, collars, and ten-year equivalents.’
    • ‘Just as material assets can function as collateral to assure economic outcomes, collateralized social relations can also serve as a presumptive guarantee.’
    • ‘Lenders need this information because unlike collateralized loans, the promise to pay is not backed by a particular asset (such as a home or automobile) that can be repossessed in the event that a borrower defaults.’
    • ‘From a bank's perspective, this courier service doesn't have assets that can easily collateralize a loan, such as trucks, real property, and inventory.’