Definition of collared in US English:



  • 1(of a garment) having a collar.

    ‘men were required to wear trousers and collared shirts’
    in combination ‘a fur-collared jacket’
    • ‘My mom wore her normal black suit with white, collared, button-up top.’
    • ‘She wore a high-collared dress of emerald green.’
    • ‘He had dried blood stuck to his black Chinese-collared shirt.’
    • ‘We have a business casual dress code at my office, which means collared shirts without a tie.’
    • ‘Collared trench coats, foggy airports, Bergman's cheekbones, and Bogart's gun hardly seem the stuff of history.’
    • ‘I'm standing here in a collared blouse, a skirt, and high-heeled sandals.’
    • ‘He wore a collared gray t-shirt and khaki pants.’
    • ‘He saluted an older man dressed in a collared uniform.’
    • ‘A young woman wearing a high-collared lab smock entered.’
    • ‘Ivy always wore collared jackets.’
    1. 1.1 (of a bird or other animal) having a colored marking resembling a collar around the neck.
      ‘I saw thousands of wood pigeons and collared doves’
      ‘you can sight collared lizards amidst cottonwoods and ferns’
      • ‘Other observed birds were spotted redshanks, ruffs, red-wattled lapwings, and collared stonechats.’
      • ‘Two species of falconids, the red-throated caracaras and the collared falconets regularly breed cooperatively.’
      • ‘The birds for whom these aviaries will cater include ospreys, wedge-tailed eagles, perigrine falcons, barn owls, and collared sparrowhawks.’
      • ‘The white-collared kingfisher is easily spotted in the jetty area of Port Blair.’
      • ‘It had what looked like the shorter beak of an adult collared sunbird but the coloring is different.’
      • ‘Only animals with strong teeth, such as the collared peccary, the agouti, and the paca have access to this food source.’
      • ‘Smaller herbivores include the arctic hare and the collared lemming.’
      • ‘For our research, we used pied flycatchers from Spain and collared flycatchers from Italy.’
      • ‘Total DNAs were extracted for the nine-banded armadillo, great long-nosed armadillo, southern naked-tailed armadillo, and collared anteater.’
      • ‘So far, the collared geese are a rarity, with only nine in the area.’