Definition of collapsar in US English:



  • An old star that has collapsed under its own gravity to form a white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole.

    • ‘A key feature of the collapsar winds is that they are capable of producing radioactive elements necessary to power a long-duration supernova light curve.’
    • ‘Pruet and his colleagues are also investigating whether collapsars might be the sources of other elements as well.’
    • ‘Two papers scheduled for an upcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters appear to support the collapsar model.’
    • ‘In collapsars the accretion flow toward the black hole has been studied in detail by Popham et al..’
    • ‘Still, the collapsar is an extremely attractive model that fits a wide range of observed gamma-ray bursts.’


1970s: from collapse, on the pattern of words such as pulsar.