Definition of colinear in US English:


(also collinear)


  • Lying in the same straight line or linear sequence.

    • ‘Direct sequencing of this fragment showed that it was colinear with the genomic sequence of PMCHL1, indicating that it corresponded to unspliced transcripts of that gene (not shown).’
    • ‘Typical eubacterial and eukaryotic PFOs are colinear and are organized like the D. africanus enzyme, yet they lack domain VII, which is specific to D. africanus PFO.’
    • ‘These mutants have amino acid changes in two distinct regions of Gal 80p, clearly pointing toward regions of different structural fragility within Gal 80p that appear to be colinear with primary sequence.’
    • ‘All pairwise sequence alignments were colinear, that is, blocks were sequential in nucleotide position for each taxon and were nonoverlapping.’
    • ‘The overall results are summarized in figure 1a. Marker order was found perfectly colinear in all great apes (HSA, PTR, PPA, GGO, and PPY).’