Definition of colicin in US English:



  • A bacteriocin produced by a coliform bacterium.

    • ‘The ASA for every rotamer cluster of Trp 192 of TCS and the three tryptophans of colicin A are shown in Table 6.’
    • ‘These proteins, which inhibit the cytotoxic activity of the E colicin DNase proteins, preventing the death of the colicin-producing bacteria, have 60% sequence homology and have the same three-dimensional structure.’
    • ‘This structure shows some similarities with that of the pore-forming domain of colicins and the diphtheria toxin, which agrees with the ability of Bcl - 2 proteins to form ion channels in synthetic lipid bilayers.’
    • ‘For example, certain protein receptors are common to a colicin and a virulent phage; others, like the fig product, can adsorb a bacteriocin, virulent phages of distinct origins, and even a temperate phage.’
    • ‘A similar large discrepancy between the measured and calculated values of the channel conductance was reported for colicin El and, recently, for colicin Ia channels.’


1940s: from French colicine (from coli, denoting a bacterium) + -in.