Definition of coleopteran in US English:



  • An insect of the order Coleoptera; a beetle.

    • ‘Zygopterans and tabanids were absent, and coleopterans, neuropterans, trichopterans, hemipterans (true bugs), and anisopterans were rare.’
    • ‘Trenching and vein-cutting behaviors have been reported for lepidopterans, orthopterans and coleopterans, and there is a correlation between resin canal organization and method of deactivation by insects.’
    • ‘More than half of the arthropods were spiders, followed by coleopterans, orthopterans, and homopterans.’
    • ‘More recently, marginal and non-marginal excisions on the leaves of a variety of ferns and cycadophytes have been described by Ash and tentatively attributed to lepidopterans, coleopterans, or other insects.’
    • ‘Our Malaise traps captured primarily dipterans, hymenopterans, and coleopterans.’


  • Relating to or denoting coleopterans.

    • ‘Just two weeks later, the diet consisted of 29.6 % coleopteran adults and 57.7 % lepidopteran larvae.’
    • ‘On the breeding grounds, Hermit Thrushes are strict insectivores, eating primarily coleopteran adults and larvae and lepidopteran larvae.’
    • ‘This falls within the expected range for a coleopteran genome.’
    • ‘The project will be multi-disciplinary in its approach, integrating pollen diagrams, plant remains, coleopteran analysis and ethnographical information.’
    • ‘For more information on the phylogeny and diversity of the Coleoptera, try the coleopteran pages on the Tree of Life exhibit at the University of Arizona.’