Definition of cold store in US English:

cold store


  • A large refrigerated room for preserving food stocks at very low temperatures.

    • ‘The kitchen also leads to another section of the house, which comprises a dining room, utility room, storeroom and cold store.’
    • ‘If workers seized control of the cold stores and the beef industry they could organise to ensure everyone had enough to eat in the great cities of Argentina.’
    • ‘Workers at the cold store - a distribution centre for fish and vegetables - were already involved in a pay dispute and up until last week were demanding a 20 percent wage increase.’
    • ‘The planning application also provides for the construction of a central utilities building, a raw water pump house and a new cold store.’
    • ‘Mr Tougher has also lodged a new application for retention of the existing car park facility, storage compound and cold stores.’
    • ‘The immediate future for pig prices has improved significantly over the past week with the introduction of the APS scheme and reports from the UK showing little frozen pork in cold stores.’
    • ‘Before reaching the kitchen, the food materials are stored in the company's 33 cold stores, whose temperature will vary depending on the items kept inside.’
    • ‘The excavators are unsure what it is, with several suggestions of cold store, wine cellar, privy and wellhead.’
    • ‘The new cold store at Puffin's Withybush site has been central to its expansion into new varieties.’
    • ‘So how long can you keep the organic fruit in the cold store?’
    • ‘And there was a cold store with beef from Argentina and lamb from New Zealand, as well as local beef and chicken (vetted by the doctor as being fit for human consumption).’
    • ‘The new factory will have new manufacturing facilities, a large cold store and modern head office accommodation.’
    • ‘During a general meeting in 1995, they agreed on the acquisition of a cold store and an ice machine, but it was unclear who would finance these.’
    • ‘The Bridlington cold store was one of eight across the UK operated by Celsius First which was re-branded from its old name, Frigoscandia, in September.’
    • ‘We decided to sell direct to the customer in a shop, which would incorporate a traditional butcher's shop with cutting room and cold store.’
    • ‘Supermarket flowers are in and out of cold store all the time.’
    • ‘The cold stores also hold almost 500 cattle carcasses which were held as specimens from farms after BSE was detected and these will also pose a disposal problem.’
    • ‘The unpleasant odours pre-dominant in most cold stores selling processed sea food or meat is missing at Chick Cellar's, and all products are halal cut.’
    • ‘The Department said it is satisfied it has taken appropriate precautions in relation to the operation of the cold store.’
    • ‘Following the cheese through its plunge into a brine bath and to the cold store, you see an almost an alchemical process - what someone once called ‘milk's leap into immortality’.’


cold store

/ˈkōld ˌstôr//ˈkoʊld ˌstɔr/