Definition of cold-weld in US English:



[with object]
  • Join (a piece of metal) to another without the use of heat, by forcing them together so hard that the surface oxide films are disrupted and adhesion occurs.

    • ‘‘Hercules’ boats are constructed with Valmex 1000 gr/m2 and their parts are cold-welded, for more durability against time.’
    • ‘Since our previous work, we have achieved a significant decrease of applied pressure needed to form a cold-welded bond between the metal layer on the stamp and the substrate using a soft, compliant stamp.’
    • ‘The very low-pressure in orbit causes metal parts to cold-weld together, atomic oxygen to react with almost any material and nullifies the cooling benefits of convection for electronics.’
    • ‘Post-accident examination of the maintenance performed on the right main landing gear revealed that the top actuator bracket was not of original manufacturer design standards and the repair did not meet manufacturer recommendations; the top actuator bracket was improperly cold-welded to mount instead of being replaced.’