Definition of cold-shoulder someone in English:

cold-shoulder someone


  • Reject or be deliberately unfriendly to someone.

    • ‘As early as it was, I was ready to cold-shoulder him, but this guy was smooth.’
    • ‘He actually did this in FRONT of me once, thus clearing up in my mind why I was getting cold-shouldered by people who had, to the best of my knowledge, no reason to cold-shoulder me.’
    • ‘The platoon cold-shoulder him, and when he makes them some tea and biscuits, none of them accept.’
    • ‘They won't cold-shoulder you like those who are still deluded enough to think they running the show.’
    • ‘Former associates cold-shoulder me, those who could have taken me or left me emerge as enemies, and soon I stand alone, without a friend in the world, not even myself.’
    • ‘In the hour-long documentary, he sets out to identify these character traits among a selection of swells most of whom, it must be said, cold-shoulder him ruthlessly.’
    • ‘Do we disengage completely from them, blacklist and cold-shoulder them so that they are left outside the international community, or do we engage with them?’
    • ‘The academic establishment tended to cold-shoulder him and the leaders of such a group as the Socialist Labour League derided him as a scholastic and refused to listen to suggestions which he based on his reading of Trotsky's work.’
    • ‘The son does not try to excuse his father: ‘one can feel sorry for him, one can hate him, and one can totally cold-shoulder him.’’
    • ‘The main problem for Daihatsu - and other established micro-car-makers - is that Australians now tend to cold-shoulder them for more expensive brands offering a richer driving experience.’