Definition of cold-brew in US English:


(also cold-brewed)


  • (of a drink) brewed using room-temperature or cold water.

    ‘a small refrigerator held many bottles of cold-brew coffee’
    ‘they had a couple of different samples of cold-brewed tea available’
    • ‘In the cold-brew process, coarsely ground coffee beans soak in cold or room-temperature water for up to 12 or even 24 hours.’
    • ‘The iced coffee is prepared with cold-brewed beans, 2% milk, and cane syrup over ice.’
    • ‘But the diversity of buying options also means you can pay very different amounts to get your cold-brew fix.’
    • ‘Cold brew green tea is expected to be big in 2012, cites World Tea Media.’
    • ‘The Rooster Coffee House is starting up a summer cold-brew station at its King Street location.’
    • ‘It's enticing, luxurious, slightly sweet - if you like it cold-brewed - or slightly robust - if you make it hot.’
    • ‘We've got an awesome cold-brewed tea plus nine more recipes with flavorful additions like herbs, spices, and fruit.’
    • ‘Instead you get to enjoy a cold-brewed almond latte alongside three cold-pressed juices and a marinated kale salad.’
    • ‘Cold-brew coffee doesn't have to be served cold, and can be heated after brewing if you wish.’
    • ‘Instead of brewing the coffee hot and combining it with the alcohol, try a lazier cold-brew method for a smoother, sweeter coffee liqueur.’


  • Chilled coffee made from grounds that have been steeped in room-temperature or cold water for several hours.

    ‘I fixed myself a large cup of cold brew and got to work’
    • ‘The specialty cafe will serve both espresso and drip coffee, as well as cold brews over ice.’
    • ‘I was able to indulge in fruit, but my daily intake of coffee was limited to a morning cold brew mixed with water.’
    • ‘So I thought about how cold brew is made - simply immersing the ground coffee in water until the flavour slowly blooms.’
    • ‘Add water to the pitcher to fill to the brim and voila, amazing cold-brew.’
    • ‘The next day, you flip the release switch and your cold-brew rushes through the filter and into the carafe.’
    • ‘Yeah, I'm still mindlessly on my phone while standing in line waiting for a cold brew.’
    • ‘They offer a full line of coffee and signature espresso drinks and are well known for their offering of high quality cold brews.’
    • ‘I tasted the company's signature cold-brew recently and was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt no need to dump extra sugar into my cup.’
    • ‘Distinct from iced coffee - which is made with a shot of hot espresso poured over ice - cold-brew is made without any heat at all.’
    • ‘The variance in the quality of your cold-brew will often come from the beans, your fastidiousness to the process and the equipment you use.’