Definition of cold-bloodedness in US English:



  • See cold-blooded

    • ‘He was one of the relatively new members of Shadow, and he had been picked for his skill at flying, not for his cold-bloodedness, his strict adherence to mission objectives.’
    • ‘I read these things with a certain amount of cold-bloodedness, I have to admit.’
    • ‘Meanwhile his wife reflects on the cold-bloodedness of writers: ‘She had always hated this use of other people's tragedies, other people's sanctities.’’
    • ‘Other reptiles, amphibians, etc., survived, so the demise of the dinosaurs could not have been due to their reptilian cold-bloodedness.’
    • ‘The ‘Angel’ has to grapple with the guilt of exposing his son to the terrors and cold-bloodedness of the mob world.’