Definition of coincide in US English:



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  • 1Occur at or during the same time.

    ‘publication is timed to coincide with a major exhibition’
    ‘the two events coincided’
    • ‘The event will coincide with the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, which runs April 20-22.’
    • ‘The event also has considerable overseas interest with many exiles of the North Kerry area organising their holidays to coincide with the big event.’
    • ‘The event is due to coincide with the Euro 2004 soccer tournament and will take place on the astro-turf at the centre on May 23.’
    • ‘The public events planned to coincide with the tour in Sligo are launched on the morning of July 28 including The Archives Resource Box at Sligo Town Library.’
    • ‘The rallies in British Columbia will also coincide with similar events throughout the country on February 4.’
    • ‘The event will coincide with Teacher Day on March 7, and will feature poetry, prose, photography, and art.’
    • ‘As the New York Times pointed out, there was palpable relief that the event would not coincide with the Republican convention in the city, something that would have allowed the party to use it as a backdrop.’
    • ‘Several other events are planned to coincide with Edmonton's 100th birthday later this year.’
    • ‘And I've seen in many countries terrorists and resistance groups try to set up events to coincide with various high points in the calendar.’
    • ‘Now people journey from far and wide for the very popular literary festival with many exiles of the area arranging their holidays to coincide with the event.’
    • ‘The event will coincide with the Native Women's Association of Canada's campaign launch to end violence against aboriginal women.’
    • ‘To coincide with the event, the new Killarney Athletic clubhouse and dressing rooms were officially opened by Minister for Sport and Tourism John O'Donoghue on Monday night.’
    • ‘The town's National Union of Teachers and Trades Council hope tomorrow's meeting will galvanise support for a day-long event that will coincide with the five big-name concerts.’
    • ‘The events coincide with the Louisburgh Summer Festival.’
    • ‘In tandem with the tour a number of exciting public events are planned to coincide with the Sligo visit.’
    • ‘Students at the University of Victoria organised events last October to coincide with National Coming Out Week.’
    • ‘She said there continued to be under representation of women in the sector and the college hoped the event, to coincide with National Construction Week, would help challenge perceptions.’
    • ‘The events also coincide with the 20th anniversary of Live Aid and the 10th anniversary of Comic Relief.’
    • ‘The four-lane Bangalore-Mysore expressway will become operational in the first week of October, to coincide with the mega event, Mr Gowda said.’
    • ‘To coincide with this event, the real town of Fargo, Minnesota, will unveil a statue of Frances McDormand in her guise as the pregnant cop.’
    occur simultaneously, happen together, happen at the same time, be concurrent, coexist, concur
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    1. 1.1 Correspond in nature; tally.
      ‘the interests of employers and employees do not always coincide’
      • ‘The peak position of Anth absorption in the plant leaves studied coincided with that reported for the leaves of rainforest plants and for apple fruits.’
      • ‘The paternalism of scientific positivism coincides directly with capitalist culture's feminizing of amateurism.’
      • ‘In fact, this is fairly simple: when we are executing the Load command, we search for the data in the Store Buffer; once a position with the coinciding address is found, the possible data absence is detected immediately.’
      • ‘The early type of donor or worshiper that coincided with these earlier deities presents a similar sturdy presence, standing or kneeling on one knee beside or below the main images.’
      • ‘The master plan coincides with a broader government initiative to exploit the fishing industry and therefore put the necessary infrastructure in place to accommodate this proposed increase in business.’
      • ‘Furthermore, they argue, times like our own, when the popular and electoral votes roughly coincide in their closeness, very rarely occur.’
      • ‘‘The disparity is small, but it is always there, which coincides with the research done before,’ Xu said.’
      • ‘For example, the Lakota Medicine Wheel and its symbolic respect toward nature's four cardinal points coincides with the symbolic form of the Celtic Cross in the Catholic tradition.’
      • ‘Although their Auschwitz dates coincided, she actually met Albin in a British Army camp in Germany after the war.’
      • ‘The nature of these conversations coincides with other IFS work done with children.’
      • ‘The light guides contain deformities to emit light coinciding with the positions of the red, green, and blue pixels.’
      • ‘School administrators statewide agree, saying religion never coincides with how they teach Thanksgiving to students…’
      • ‘People here do not look too much ahead and that coincides with my own vision.’
      • ‘The right part of any row of numerators coincides with the left part of the corresponding row of denominators.’
      • ‘The reason is that it coincides with several other major shifts in American national security policy, such as a proposed shift in our European base footprint and South Korean base footprint.’
      • ‘The equations coincided with the experimentally revealed correlations in the present study, and also with observations from other studies.’
      • ‘Here, it is clear that the peak in growth now coincides with the ‘lights off’ period of the corresponding photoperiod.’
      • ‘Her timing coincided with some of the other girls, and they walked companionably together.’
      • ‘This ability coincides with, and conforms to, the Army's Transformation goals and objectives.’
      • ‘Stains were considered positive if the results obtained coincided with expected results.’
      • ‘On the other hand, Brazil's new activism often, though not always, coincides with the interests of the United States.’
      tally, correspond, agree, accord, concur, match, fit, be in agreement, be consistent, conform, equate, harmonize, be in tune, be compatible, dovetail, correlate
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    2. 1.2 Correspond in position; meet or intersect.
      ‘the two long-distance walks briefly coincide here’
      • ‘It was said that a benefit of doing this was that the outline of the cut-out appliqué element, and the stitching to be applied along that outline, would coincide in a reliable manner.’
      • ‘Sometimes, this point of view is equated with, or momentarily coincides with the Eye of the Camera.’
      • ‘Here, love and ambition may be said to coincide in the most literal way.’
      • ‘Interestingly, the slopes of humans and Drosophila nearly coincide in figure 4.’
      • ‘For cloned sequences, variable positions do not coincide totally with those in direct sequences.’
      • ‘The aiming and treatment beams may not coincide in space and this problem may be accentuated after the beams pass through a lens.’
      • ‘Here the marker positions coincided with segment bounds.’
      • ‘Each marker position coincided with the position of one of the multiallelic loci.’
      • ‘Their journey coincides with that of an Aborigine boy on his walkabout - a 10-day ritual where boys are left to fend for themselves, an event that initiates their entrance into adulthood.’
      • ‘All these planes would then be found to coincide in one plane.’
      • ‘In the end therefore, conflict lines coincided: the nobility and modern institutions were like fire and water.’
      • ‘There are fourteen bus routes which coincide in Enfield's key shopping street, they carry 74,000 passengers every weekday.’
      • ‘The missile's position in its trajectory always coincides with the target irrespective of range.’
      • ‘However, for an interval this short, the position of a detected QTL rarely coincided with the true position.’
      • ‘A descending scale from the top of the keyboard coincides with a rising one from the bottom, and the two hands meet in the centre on the tonic harmony, followed by an immediate pianissimo as the first theme returns.’
    3. 1.3 Be in agreement.
      ‘the members of the College coincide in this opinion’
      • ‘The countries' national interests or other positions cannot always coincide 100 percent in everything.’
      • ‘The DPKO position coincided with the views of powerful states within the UN Security Council, particularly the United States.’
      • ‘And is it true also, Professor, that you believe that there is no way to confirm or deny that our sensual experience coincides with the product of our thoughts?’
      • ‘There is one particular moment when the two versions coincide and the woman is walking up the stairs on both monitors.’
      • ‘Ironically, Britain's about-face coincided with the stated French position on European defense.’
      • ‘US authorities had taken no note of her testimony and that of the other agent, Sgrena said, underlining that their two accounts coincided although they had never met or discussed the shoot-out.’
      • ‘However, by building up detailed theories of each type, we may hope to find important links between them and perhaps even to discover that they coincide in at least some key respects.’
      • ‘The medium and the message coincide in Shakespeare's work at many points.’
      • ‘Here, the conflicting political agendas coincide.’
      • ‘Their false testimonies could not be allowed, because at least two of them were needed to coincide in order for the testimony to be legal.’
      • ‘We think, with R. M. Hare, that if two persons or acts coincide in all descriptive or naturalistic details, they cannot differ in respect of being good or right, or any other valuational aspects.’
      • ‘Plus it would also help the presentation because the music and dances must coincide and relate to each other.’
      • ‘For what are contraries cannot coincide in one and the same subject.’
      • ‘The lexicographical and philosophical cases coincide in their results.’
      • ‘The two men, whose views on nearly every subject coincided, walked home together that night and became instant friends.’
      • ‘In subsequent weeks, both Bush and Cheney announced their positions, which coincided with that of Lay and Enron.’


Early 18th century (in the sense ‘occupy the same space’): from medieval Latin coincidere, from co- ‘together with’ + incidere ‘fall upon or into’.