Definition of cohost in US English:



  • A joint host.

    • ‘Before leaving my New Jersey home for New York, I flipped on NBC's Today to catch Jack's first promotional interview with cohost Matt Lauer at 7: 15 AM.’
    • ‘Dobson's cohost then reeled off the phone numbers of Florida legislators.’
    • ‘We're going to bring our panel on in stages, and we begin with Marie Osmond, the cohost of ‘Donny and Marie,’ the very popular daytime talk show.’
    • ‘Coach discusses the new book by his former cohost Lita.’
    • ‘To help us answer that question, Fast Company called upon fashion gurus Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, the fabulous cohosts of TLC's hit show What Not to Wear.’
    • ‘The tirades can be leaden and repetitive; casual chatter between cohosts occasionally feels slack and aimless; and some of the non-Franken jokes reach for a humor they can't quite attain.’
    • ‘So when Star Jones, cohost of The View on ABC-TV, set out to find a country retreat, she approached the search like the lawyer she is, delving into the task as if preparing for a big case.’
    • ‘I certainly never knew him, but would see him on TV all the time, especially during his weekend gigs as cohost of the Today show.’
    • ‘Ingrid Newkirk appeared on CNN's Crossfire last week, and she was in a neck-and-neck competition with cohost Bill Press to see who could make the most outlandish statement.’
    • ‘McGuire still takes her passion for books to the airwaves, weaving commentary on books into the banter with her cohost, Doug Banks, and occasionally having authors as guests on the show.’
    • ‘I spent some time yesterday talking to Janeane Garofalo and her cohost, Sam Seder during a run-through of their show, the Majority Report, and I hear (to my utter amazement) that I'm going to be back at some point when they go on the air.’
    • ‘Roger C. Barnett and Emily J. Adams were again cohosts for the event.’
    • ‘It is still good advice. Last spring Tyson received rave reviews for his stint as cohost on ABC's late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live; and, not surprisingly, rumors of a Mike Tyson reality show are in the air.’
    • ‘And I have a cohost, Sara Switzer, who's my writer - we'd been doing this show [SANDRAdio] on the Internet for nine months, until the company went belly-up.’
    • ‘Colvin isn't the hippest cat on the block (hence his cooler cohost, Karen Gibbs).’
    • ‘The radio station where he was cohost was in downtown Philadelphia.’
    • ‘This is the day we introduce our new cohost for the morning show, Kathie Lee Johnson, but Kathie Lee Johnson is down the street doing the big network show.’
    • ‘Filling in for cohost Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis & Kelly, ‘The Apprentice’ star says he and wife Malania are not expecting.’
    • ‘He remained in Buffalo for some time, working as a correspondent for the Empire Star Weekly, a black community newspaper, and serving as cohost of a local radio program that was canceled after Reed conducted an interview with Malcolm X.’


[with object]
  • Act as a joint host.

    • ‘Smith's most recent gig was cohosting CNET’
    • ‘I'm going out to L.A. next week to cohost for Jimmy Kimmel on his show all week long.’
    • ‘In 1991 I was cohosting a radio talk show concerning health issues with Tamiko in Beverly Hills, California.’
    • ‘It was the first time the tournament was held in Asia as well as being cohosted by two countries, Korea and Japan.’
    • ‘She returned to broadcasting, and in 1984 she became the first woman ever to cohost the venerable TV news magazine 60 Minutes.’
    • ‘She also modeled, sang in nightclubs and cohosted three TV shows.’
    • ‘The company cohosted a separate event and focused on in-mold textile lamination.’
    • ‘Also, the nation could cohost, together with the U.N., an international donors conference for Iraq, as it did for Afghanistan in January of last year.’
    • ‘In a one-day workshop at the academy in Washington, D.C., cohosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on January 9, 2003, an open forum was held for that purpose.’
    • ‘She served as a weekly contributor for The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel and cohosted The Arthel and Fred Show, a syndicated talk show with sports anchor Fred Roggin.’
    • ‘The ACS Division of History of Chemistry and the Chemical Heritage Foundation are cohosting a piano concert at Washington Convention Center on Tuesday, August 30, at 5: 30 PM.’
    • ‘The meeting, a prelude to the annual meeting to be held in October, was attended by representatives from 30 donor countries and agencies, as well as Indonesia's top economic ministers, and cohosted by the World Bank.’
    • ‘The conference, cohosted by Indonesia and South Africa, was scheduled to take place in Bandung between April 15 and April 17.’
    • ‘That may begin to change in May 2006, which is when Tretter plans to cohost the first international conference for gay history collections on the University of Minnesota campus.’
    • ‘Besides selling their music through the RandyJonesWorld Web site, the two will cohost the Outmusic Awards in New York on June 9.’
    • ‘Prior to hosting Crossfire, he cohosted CNN's Spin Room.’
    • ‘He now cohosts a weekly comedy night at Rififi in New York's East Village, a show that features up-and-coming comics trying out new material, with none of the traditional comedy club's overpriced two-drink minimums.’