Definition of cogon grass in US English:

cogon grass


North American
  • A perennial, rhizomatous grass of Asian origin, used for thatching and as a packing material; identified as a noxious weed in much of the southeastern US.

    Imperata cylindrica, family Poaceae

    • ‘The first leg of the climb consists of wading through giant cogon grasses on a steep, exposed trail.’
    • ‘I climb down to the little settlement where my friend is working in front of a small wooden hut, called a bale, raised on poles and thatched with cogon grass.’
    • ‘More rocks, with occasional thermal heat, and thick cogon grasses beckoned as we dragged ourselves up, fatigue starting to catch up.’
    • ‘Raised two to three feet off the ground, houses have beams of wood, walls of bamboo, and roofs of rice straw or cogon grass.’
    • ‘The floor of the main building is elevated and roofs are generally thatched with cogon grasses and Japanese cypress bark.’
    • ‘Most of the upland areas are covered with cogon grasses.’




cogon grass

/kōˈɡōn ˌɡras/