Definition of cognitive prosthesis in US English:

cognitive prosthesis


  • An electronic computational device that extends the capability of human cognition or sense perception.

    • ‘As a result, students with mild disabilities have an urgent unmet need for assistive technology that serves as a cognitive prosthesis.’
    • ‘They interpret ‘thinking’ in a narrow sense, and conclude that the brain is a cognitive prosthesis, something added to the soul to enhance its computing power.’
    • ‘The difference is that a cognitive prosthesis magnifies strengths in human intellect rather than corrects presumed deficiencies in it.’
    • ‘In short, a cognitive prosthesis is a computational tool that amplifies or extends a person's thought and perception, much as eyeglasses are prostheses that improve vision.’
    • ‘In the role of cognitive prosthesis, the technology replaces or circumvents an ability that is absent or impaired.’