Definition of coffeehouse in English:



  • A cafe or other place where coffee is served, sometimes also offering informal entertainment.

    • ‘In the 1960s, Allen Ginsberg took oral poetry into coffee houses, pop festivals, and art happenings.’
    • ‘I've been thinking and I want you to come with me tonight to that new coffee house for the poetry readings.’
    • ‘I want to print out these emails and start reading them aloud at a coffee house while somebody plays the bongos in the background.’
    • ‘Today's IT professional attends a meeting in the middle of a crosswalk, uploads his mission-critical documents in a coffee house, and checks his network stability with a cell phone.’
    • ‘I don't want to be the guy with the acoustic guitar in the coffee house.’
    • ‘Again, the song is slowed down, being performed more as a poetry reading in a coffee house.’
    • ‘If the local coffee house has an open mic night, do it, and do it every week.’
    • ‘Libraries, town halls, schools, universities, bookstores, churches, coffee houses, and shopping malls could launch read-along gatherings with this material.’
    • ‘It's easy - maybe too easy - to exchange ideas with the other leftie intellectuals at the coffee house.’
    • ‘‘I read in a newspaper the other day that Gus discovered me a year ago, playing in a coffee house,’ Smith says, furrowing his brow in the midday sun.’
    • ‘Sometimes in the summer the coffee house arranges for a jazz or folk group to play out there and I enjoy seeing people in the anonymous city gather in such a congenial way.’
    • ‘The singer recorded the story of Charlie as a pop song after hearing an impromptu performance of the tune in a San Francisco coffee house.’
    • ‘A community centre is available for events and hosts coffee houses where residents can perform music and poetry.’
    • ‘Last night, a friend of mine went to an open mike night at a coffee house and read the monologue.’
    • ‘On a more informal level, Italian coffee houses often presented light comedies, heroic tragedies, and dialect plays sponsored by drama clubs.’
    • ‘If poetry is banned from our schools, it will survive elsewhere - in the churches, gyms, parks, and coffee houses, wherever people gather to resist.’
    • ‘You performed at your coffee house, or did a skit around a campfire.’
    • ‘On account of there being no band playing tonight, we were almost the only people in the tiny coffee house.’
    • ‘That spawned a group two years ago called Barrier Breakers, students and faculty who stage events like poetry coffee houses that appeal to all students.’
    • ‘It's a great little place that captures the energy of a university coffee house where a wide range of cultural activities take place.’