Definition of coffee mill in US English:

coffee mill


  • another term for coffee grinder
    • ‘She looked around and spotted an old coffee mill, floor mill, batter pail, and an actual nineteenth century hand-carved butter print.’
    • ‘So she got us this coffee mill - how perfect is that?’
    • ‘By the way, once you use a coffee mill for this it becomes a spice mill forever.’
    • ‘Made of cast metal and sculpted stainless steel, the line features a collection of portables including espresso machines, waffle makers, coffee mills and more.’
    • ‘All soil samples were dried to constant dry mass at 55 [degrees] C, sifted through a 1-mm sieve, and ground in a coffee mill.’
    • ‘Grind the roasted spices in a coffee mill or using a pestle and mortar, keeping the pan to one side for later.’
    • ‘The dried material was finely ground in a coffee mill and stored in glass vials for C analyses.’
    • ‘I usually run the oats through a coffee mill first.’


coffee mill

/ˈkäfē ˌmil/