Definition of coffee maker in US English:

coffee maker

(also coffeemaker)


  • A machine or pot for brewing coffee.

    • ‘From where she stood in front of the black mixer that matched the coffee maker, Ally rolled her eyes.’
    • ‘He turned on the coffee maker and opened the refrigerator door.’
    • ‘‘Hi,’ was all he said as he stepped away from the coffee maker, mug in hand.’
    • ‘Well after last week's spooky coffee machine imbroglio, when both my coffee maker at work, and the one at home, blew up on the same day… it was time to buy replacements.’
    • ‘He shrugged as he walked over to the coffee maker, ‘A detective needs clues, they don't guess.’’
    • ‘He went to the coffee maker and inserted a new filter.’
    • ‘Try these simple timesavers: put a timer on the coffee maker, and plan out the clothes you'll wear to avoid last-minute closet crises.’
    • ‘My steam iron and my coffee maker are not under extended warranties.’
    • ‘It is outfitted with a microwave oven, a coffee maker, a restroom and other amenities, and is designed to operate without an outside power source for up to seven days.’
    • ‘The coffee maker has a important role in computing history - remember the world's first webcam was rigged up at Cambridge University in 1991 to keep tabs on the filter machine.’
    • ‘I was filling the coffee maker and dumped half a scoop on the floor.’
    • ‘After he put the coffee grounds in the coffee maker he glanced at me and took the pancakes from my hand with a muttered ‘Thanks.’’
    • ‘Zack walked into the kitchen area and started the coffee maker up.’
    • ‘I swear I need a mini-fridge, a toaster, a coffee maker, a blender and a microwave under my desk!’
    • ‘She gestured to a coffee pot beneath a black appliance she could only assume was the coffee maker.’
    • ‘Keeping the worries from overtaking my thoughts, I entered the kitchen, blinking in surprise at the presence of my father by the coffee maker.’
    • ‘He started the coffee maker and sat down at the table.’
    • ‘The first thing I did was turn on the coffee maker.’
    • ‘In an effort to rid myself of all the junky unnecessary plastic things in my life that pack badly and break, I am getting rid of my coffee maker.’
    • ‘There was no electricity in the building, even the coffee maker was battery powered.’


coffee maker