Definition of coevality in US English:



  • See coeval

    • ‘We show that the characteristic function condition is equivalent to a simpler condition on the score spaces themselves, and introduce coevality to obtain weaker sufficient conditions.’
    • ‘Using the coevality constraint for the formation of such close binaries, the derived source properties are used to constrain available pre-main-sequence tracks.’
    • ‘It is the proximal status of the ‘other’ within contemporary societies - the coevality of otherwise distant social, cultural and symbolic spaces - that underpins much that is at the heart of his concerns.’
    • ‘Although these jumps may indicate hiatuses in sedimentation, their coevality with the Laschamp and Mono Lake geomagnetic excursions suggests that they were owing to major variations in atmospheric C concentration.’
    • ‘What is missing from his notion of coevality is a hypothetical scene of common origin.’