Definition of coessential in US English:



  • 1United or inseparable in essence or being.

    • ‘God is the being whose coessential goodness is its reason for doing infinite and eternal good.’
    • ‘This is done with the help of the hands of consciousness that extend from the spiritual heart and are coessential to it.’
    • ‘We are living members of this marvelous and fascinating organism, nourished by the sacramental, hierarchical and charismatic gifts which are coessential to it.’
    • ‘The Cardinal's reflections elaborated an understanding that the charismatic and institutional aspects are quasi coessential to the constitution of the Church.’
    • ‘And for this we need to experience ourselves not only in our own bodies, but also as being coessential to the one we care for.’
    • ‘Four ancient bishops some 130 years ago censured those who said that the Son was a creature and not coessential with the Father.’
    • ‘God is the Creator from all eternity, and he creates when He wills, in His infinite goodness, through His coessential Logos and Spirit.’
    1. 1.1 Having the same substance or essence.
      • ‘Unconventional Landscapes by Melissa Martinez and Mary Shindell are multimedia coessential installations and will be on display from November to January.’