Definition of codling moth in US English:

codling moth

(also codlin moth)


  • A small, grayish moth whose larva feeds on apples.

    Cydia pomonella, family Tortricidae

    • ‘The light-pink worm, or larva, of the codling moth and the white worm of the oriental fruit moth hungrily feed on fruit.’
    • ‘May is the time to take action against the codling moth, which attacks apples and pears, and sometimes walnuts and quince.’
    • ‘Such homegrown traps usually target adult fruit moths such as the codling moth.’
    • ‘These pests are almost certainly the caterpillars of the codling moth.’
    • ‘To fight the codling moth, the pesticide is sprayed on some 73 percent of apple orchards in the country.’


Late Middle English: codling from Anglo-Norman French quer de lion ‘lionheart’.