Definition of codefendant in US English:



  • A joint defendant.

    • ‘In the past, confessions extracted from defendants or codefendants by illegal means could mutually complement to serve as evidence.’
    • ‘If in this case, ‘a friend’ means me and my codefendants, I guess that's pretty accurate.’
    • ‘This gang leader was re-arrested after he and his codefendants staged a dramatic lunchtime escape during their court appearance.’
    • ‘In May 1980, his two codefendants were released by the Court of Criminal Appeal.’
    • ‘Two of his codefendants confessed to their parts in the robbery, and one codefendant turned state's evidence in return for a reduced sentence.’
    • ‘He always maintained his innocence in the inmate murder, and his codefendant testified all along that he alone had committed the murder in self-defense.’
    • ‘In the courtroom, the 58-year-old took a seat next to his codefendant and ex-lover, a buxom 34-year-old redhead.’
    • ‘Originally, you were a codefendant in this case, is that not true?’
    • ‘In this way, if there is a lawsuit, the reprocessing company would be brought in as a codefendant.’
    • ‘He also named the former prime minister, who was in charge of police as home minister, and the government as codefendants in his suit.’
    • ‘The judge agreed and found that he and his codefendant had violated the terms of their supervised release.’
    • ‘The only incriminating evidence found in his apartment was a telephone book with numerous names, including those of several codefendants in the case.’
    • ‘The defendants would sell the filled prescriptions for cash to codefendants.’
    • ‘The legal advisor to the four told the press he believed that the four codefendants would end up with ‘just a couple of months in jail.’’
    • ‘The court deferred sentencing until the trial of two additional codefendants is complete.’
    • ‘As a result, all three of my codefendants were found guilty on this charge.’
    • ‘If convicted, he and his codefendants could face the death penalty, but they could appeal before another chamber of the special tribunal.’
    • ‘He and his codefendants were convicted, but the verdict was overturned on appeal.’
    • ‘As you probably know, you have three codefendants, and if none of them are able to hire counsel the public defender's office will be appointed.’
    • ‘He stuck the company with a bill for slightly more than $1 million, a minuscule part of the $600 million prosecutors charge him and his codefendant with looting from the company.’