Definition of cocky in English:



  • Conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.

    • ‘It is good to walk in with confidence and a friendly smile, but not be overly confident and cocky!’
    • ‘Maybe he wasn't really that arrogant, cocky egomaniac that he pretended to be.’
    • ‘Never get too comfortable or too cocky, every golfer is advised, because that's when the game will take a large bite out of your ego.’
    • ‘He is a confident lad, cocky like most of those who can turn their hand to genius, but nonetheless likeable for it.’
    • ‘A mainstay of the Celtic team, he expects his absence to weaken their midfield but is not getting too cocky.’
    • ‘He is justifiably proud of his work all these years later, but he never comes off as cocky or arrogant.’
    • ‘He's cocky and egotistical and it's near impossible to get a word in edgeways.’
    • ‘I am very confident but I wouldn't say I was cocky or anything like that.’
    • ‘United weren't creating much but they were cocky and they were getting on the ball and dropping it into areas where something could happen.’
    • ‘He was confident but not cocky and very likable, in a puppy dog sort of way.’
    • ‘He was cocky and had pedigree but there was an underlying suspicion within the county that he might lack the mentality to match his ability.’
    • ‘A lot of people are very cocky and brash in this industry and there were quite a few walking around before the exam as if they'd already passed.’
    • ‘For me they are too brash, too cocky, too shallow and too plentiful.’
    • ‘Upbeat but not cocky, he was oblivious to his prospects of leading an overall majority government.’
    • ‘This kind of surprising, cocky offensive defence goes over well, especially here.’
    • ‘I spoke to him last night to wish him well, and he was confident without being cocky about it, which is always good.’
    • ‘It was amazing how vital and witty and energetic and downright cocky he was.’
    • ‘They are confident after a record run of nine successive wins, yet not cocky because they know the ultimate test has still to be set.’
    • ‘No one had his look, his air of total confidence and that cocky strut.’
    • ‘While the actor is confident and cocky, he also has a kind of sheepishness that stops him being just another action star.’
    arrogant, conceited, overconfident, overweening, cocksure, smug, haughty, supercilious, disdainful, lofty, patronizing, proud, vain, vainglorious, self-important, swollen-headed, egotistical, presumptuous, lordly, pompous, blustering, boastful, brash, self-assertive, opinionated, bold, forward, insolent
    high and mighty, throwing one's weight about, throwing one's weight around, uppish
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Mid 16th century (in the sense lecherous): from cock + -y.