Definition of cockatrice in US English:



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    another term for basilisk (sense 1)
    • ‘Should you ever even think you see a basilisk or cockatrice, shut your eyes immediately and change the view to something else.’
    1. 1.1Heraldry A mythical animal depicted as a two-legged dragon (or wyvern) with a cock's head.
      • ‘The unicorn bounced back to her as the cockatrices caught up and continued to flock overhead.’
      • ‘A family of pegasi stood tethered, eyeing a nearby slumbering cockatrice with understandable uneasiness.’
      • ‘The fireballs simply swirled into a funnel when they neared the foes chest, and the entire cockatrice glowed a bright blue as the magic was absorbed into its body.’


Late Middle English: from Old French cocatris, from Latin calcatrix ‘tracker’ (from calcare ‘to tread or track’), translating Greek ikhneumōn (see ichneumon).