Definition of cockalorum in US English:



dated, informal
  • A self-important little man.

    • ‘This is a legislature which repeatedly makes it appear as if the country is being governed by cockalorums and willful children.’
    • ‘You'd hope that these cockalorums would be thrown out of office by the people who are the true sovereigns of this country.’
    • ‘The professor could only be called a cockalorum because his diminutive size was only surpassed by his enormous ego.’
    • ‘The main problem was the existence of more than 50 boards, commissions, and assorted entities of cockalorums with overlapping or competing functions.’
    • ‘She is of the opinion that letting the cockalorums of the council dictate official policy is likely to get her killed.’


Early 18th century: an arbitrary formation from cock.