Definition of cochleate in US English:


(also cochleated)


  • Formed like a spiral shell; twisted.

    • ‘Some two-long alkyl chain amphiphiles can adopt stable tubular structures including twist ribbons, helices, and cochleate cylinders in aqueous media.’
    • ‘This kind of musculature was probably already developed in the cochleate ammonoids.’
    • ‘He indicated that before forming a new phragmocone chamber, the cochleate cephalopod detaches the muscles from the conch and moves forward.’
    • ‘The calyx lobes overlap in a cochleate pattern such that lobe initiated third was innermost, overlapped by the fourth, then the fifth, the second, and lastly the first, which was always outermost.’
    • ‘They carried out the pelagic and stationary modes of breeding as the cochleate ammonoids.’