Definition of cobby in US English:



  • (of horses, dogs, and other animals) shortish and thickset; stocky.

    • ‘A graceful, medium-size cat - neither cobby nor svelte - the Egyptian mau has randomly distributed spots of varying sizes and shapes on its torso.’
    • ‘The Aby is also a cat that strikes a medium between the cobby type and the svelte, elongated breeds.’
    • ‘The most popular herding dog at the time was the Smithfield, a big, black, cobby, bobtailed dog with a long, rough coat.’
    • ‘Words such as broad, thick, powerful and cobby defined Persian cats, while Turkish Angoras answered to descriptors that included slim, graceful and lithe.’
    heavily built, stocky, thickset, sturdy, sturdily built, well built, burly, strapping, brawny, muscular, solid, heavy, hefty, girthy, meaty
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