Definition of coastward in US English:


(also coastwards)

adjective & adverb

  • Toward the coast.

    • ‘By Monday, the latest day for which forecasts are available, the system will have grown in strength to head coastward hot on the heels of Cyclone Baaz.’
    • ‘With the exception of significant salary gains in Denver, the coastward migration of IT dollars continues’
    • ‘Dams and reservoirs, impoundments and intakes reduce the flow of freshwater coastward, increasing the salinity in the marshes, creeks, rivers and sounds that provide food and shelter for Georgia's multi-million dollar seafood industry.’
    • ‘In general, the older rocks crop out farthest inland, and successively younger rocks are exposed coastward.’
    • ‘It thus continues to turn toward the coast until it encounters the constraint of that solid boundary, where it builds up sufficient pressure head to oppose further coastward flow.’
    • ‘And then we started on our coastward march, not as we had pictured it, light-hearted and rejoicing, but tired and disappointed, and very sick at heart at this last crowning blow.’
    • ‘The Tokaido highway in the Edo era was located about 500 m coastward from the Omori Shell Mounds, showing that the coastline has recessed from that in the Jomon period.’
    • ‘Natural features such as the Shark River Slough form a major coastward conduit for freshwater and terrestrial materials that influence and contribute to marine sediments.’