Definition of coastal in English:



  • Of or near a coast.

    ‘coastal erosion’
    ‘coastal waters’
    • ‘There are many picnic spaces, information boards and coastal walks in this old village.’
    • ‘The logic was that coastal areas most benefited from the navy's protection.’
    • ‘Most of us are aware of the impact that coastal erosion can have on buildings, property and communities.’
    • ‘With its stunning landscape and coastal views it is a property developer's dream.’
    • ‘When it opened it was the first of Yorkshire Water's new coastal schemes to be commissioned.’
    • ‘Some coastal waters are degraded by oil production and sewage discharges.’
    • ‘Most of the population live in highly urbanized areas along the coastal plains.’
    • ‘We were strolling along the coastal path and sat down on the grass for a rest and to enjoy the panoramic view across the bay.’
    • ‘Some coastal villages are exposed to the seas by the lack of ice.’
    • ‘Almost every building in the small coastal town of Grand Isle was quickly destroyed.’
    • ‘It is thus important to realize that the coastal zone includes areas both above and below sea level.’
    • ‘The rest is wooded savanna, river valleys, and a small coastal plain.’
    • ‘The very long jetty was used as a wharf for the area in the days of coastal shipping.’
    • ‘The process of coastal erosion and deposition further down the coast has been going on for centuries.’
    • ‘How could he hope to compete with them from the little coastal town of Westport?’
    • ‘Its success will encourage others in our coastal and rural communities to do the same.’
    • ‘The coastal species are often well known, but many stay out of sight and are seldom seen by most people.’
    • ‘We walked a very remote coastal path and then up two very large snow-covered mountains.’
    • ‘The people would be moved to new coastal villages, where opportunities awaited them in industries and fisheries.’
    • ‘A rise in sea level is a concern where economic activity is based in coastal areas.’
    seaside, littoral
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