Definition of coarctate in US English:



Anatomy Biology
  • 1Pressed close together; contracted; confined.

    • ‘Formally, the epoxidation of alkenes with peracids can also be considered a coarctate reaction.’
    • ‘The wild perennial grass species Porteresia coarctate Tateoka formerly O. coarctata Roxb. is considered as a potential source of genes for salinity tolerance.’
    • ‘As compared to the ascending aorta, 30-50% narrowing was seen in the coarctate segment in 3 cases.’
    • ‘The ring opening is an eight-electron, Möbius, conrotatory process, not the six-electron, Huckel process described by Herges in his original work describing coarctate orbital topology.’
    1. 1.1Entomology (of the pupa of certain flies) formed within and remaining concealed by the larval cuticle or puparium.
      • ‘A pupa covered by the hardened 3rd larval skin is known as a coarctate pupa..’
      • ‘The coarctate or pseudopupal stages are those in which hibernation or diapause occurs most frequently.’
      • ‘Since the pupal case is formed by the larval skin, the pupa within is said to be coarctate.’
      • ‘The pupa is typically coarctate, or ‘bulletlike’ and is reddish brown with an average length of 5.2 mm.’
      • ‘The coarctate is immobile and strongly sclerotized, and it has reduced mouthparts, legs, and musculature.’


Late Middle English: from Latin coarctatus, past participle of coarctare ‘press or draw together’.