Definition of coal measures in US English:

coal measures

plural noun

  • A series of strata of the Carboniferous period, including coal seams.

    • ‘The Upper Permian Heshan Formation in the Heshan coalfield of central Guangxi is represented by coal measures formed on a shallow-water carbonate platform.’
    • ‘More recently, sequence stratigraphic interpretations have been made on these carbonate coal measures.’
    • ‘Continued erosion by fast-flowing water eroded the uplands to the north of the Gippsland Basin and covered the coal measures with sands and gravels.’
    • ‘There are still plenty of rich coal measures left to exploit.’
    • ‘They form the coal measures that are now mined for power generation.’
    • ‘They are, however, used locally in Pennsylvanian coal measures, and in the Upper Cretaceous.’