Definition of coal-fired in US English:



  • Heated, driven, or produced by the burning of coal.

    ‘a coal-fired power station’
    • ‘Workers who had the technical know-how to make coal-fired burners have long since retired, so the company has had to dust off its old designs and marry them with the latest technology.’
    • ‘Most conventional coal-fired power stations burn coal to produce steam, which turns turbines linked to a generator.’
    • ‘Around the country, according to industry analysts, 68 new coal-fired power plants are in various stages of planning.’
    • ‘Coal inventories already are at historic lows, with coal-fired generation outpacing coal production.’
    • ‘But the energy industry welcomed them, saying they were essential for maintaining coal-fired power stations.’
    • ‘At the moment only two of the nation's 1,100 coal-fired plants are fueled by gasification.’
    • ‘After a decade of breathing the poisonous effluent of a coal-fired power plant in a Beijing suburb, residents had finally had enough.’
    • ‘The kitchen, with its table and coal-fired range was the main family room.’
    • ‘A key part of the plan is to build no new coal-fired power stations and to retire existing ones as they reach their use-by dates.’
    • ‘We could argue that coal-fired power stations are ugly.’
    • ‘Not only is over three-quarters of our electricity supply coal-fired, but we are the largest exporter of black coal in the world.’
    • ‘Should additional capacity be created, it would have to be through natural gas or coal-fired generating plants.’
    • ‘New power plants will always have to conform to the province's environmental standards, but even the cleanest burning coal-fired plant is a polluter.’
    • ‘The trains are hauled by a genuine coal-fired steam locomotive, so passengers can marvel at all the sights, sounds and smells of an old-time steam train.’
    • ‘Pollution from mercury comes from industry such as coal-fired power plants, the burning of hazardous and medical waste and production of chlorine.’
    • ‘Today a wind energy plant costs about the same as a coal-fired thermal plant of the same capacity; it could even be cheaper at places with high wind speed.’
    • ‘What really makes it stand out though, along with the delicious food they serve, is the giant coal-fired brick oven in the dining area.’
    • ‘He drinks like a camel and smokes like a coal-fired power station.’
    • ‘It turns out they thrive in water warmed by coal-fired electric power plants.’
    • ‘Also, member states in Eastern and Central Europe are phasing out their coal-fired plants for environmental reasons.’