Definition of coagulum in US English:



  • A mass of coagulated matter.

    • ‘Although the samples were frozen during transport between laser irradiation and the MRI spectrometer, the setup time was sufficiently long that the samples thawed, the coagulum disintegrated and mixed with the native blood.’
    • ‘Blood coagula were prepared by loading whole blood into custom-designed demountable cuvettes and then ‘painting’ the cuvette with 532 nm light from the VPC laser.’
    • ‘Refrigerate yogurt immediately after a firm coagulum has formed.’
    • ‘A white coagulum forms and frequently extends many millimeters beyond the point of initial contact.’
    • ‘Figures 13-15 show representative SEM images of the top and bottom surface, respectively, of a laser-generated coagulum.’
    • ‘At a higher power, the coagulum of neutrophils and fibrin represent the suppurative thrombophlebitis of the portal vein complicating this man's Crohn's disease.’
    • ‘Each blood sample was used once only to avoid complications resulting from localized microvaporization nucleated by residual coagulum particles.’
    • ‘We also study the phenomenon in vitro, using cuvettes containing whole or diluted blood and laser-generated blood coagula.’
    • ‘Microscopic examination revealed blood flow stoppage due to complete stenosis and coagula completely filling the vessel.’
    • ‘Protein is denatured, forming a viscous coagulum leading to hemostasis.’


Mid 16th century (denoting a coagulant): from Latin, literally ‘rennet’.