Definition of coadjutant in US English:



  • Helping another or others, or with another or others.

    • ‘It has a great application as a coadjutant therapy for small, residual, or recurrent pituitary adenomata after the microsurgery.’
    • ‘Immunofort is indicated also as coadjutant treatment in patients with cancer, raising the natural defenses of the organism to combat cancerous cells and diminishing the side effects of conventional anticarcinogenic treatments.’
    • ‘The coadjutant faculty is composed of experienced persons from state, county, and local government.’
    • ‘These coadjutant positions also provide a way for students supported by fellowships or research assistantships to obtain teaching experience.’


  • A person who thus helps.

    • ‘Due to the phenolic nature of their structure, lignosulphonates can be used as coadjutants in the manufacture of phenolic resins, offering advantages such as reduced cost.’
    • ‘Thanks to our team of coadjutants, we are also specialized in the creation of websites for any need, from the single page to the whole website.’
    • ‘Most instructors of the course are hired on short-term contracts of one or several years duration or are coadjutants.’
    • ‘For information on a professor, class schedules, specific course information and contact information click a professor's or coadjutant's name in the list below.’