Definition of co-production in US English:



  • 1The production of a recording, theatrical work, television program, etc. jointly with another or others.

    ‘the co-production of quality programming’
    • ‘We talked about how co-production would work for a TV network like them.’
    • ‘British television producers are also adapting both to financial constraints at home and to new opportunities abroad by exploring a variety of forms of co-production.’
    • ‘She shows how the only means of securing Hollywood-style budgets is co-production.’
    • ‘If you're a company here looking into selling programming or doing co-production, nothing has changed, those businesses are still there.’
    • ‘He says that co-production of this film would be beneficial for both countries.’
    1. 1.1 A recording, theatrical work, television program, etc. that is produced jointly with another or others.
      ‘half of the films have been co-productions with foreign partners’
      • ‘Since this was an English / Canadian co-production, the cast had to be 50 / 50 from each country.’
      • ‘It was an English and Swedish co-production, filmed in Cornwall.’
      • ‘This Canadian-UK co-production is an underwhelming supernatural thriller.’
      • ‘It was a Franco-Japanese co-production, shot in Japan, with Japanese actors and Japanese dialogue, but commissioned and produced by a Frenchman, and edited in France.’
      • ‘I'm working on a co-production with Italian television as well.’
      • ‘This international co-production did suffer from major funding problems.’
      • ‘She served as executive producer for a number of co-productions.’
      • ‘I also notice that this album is a co-production.’
      • ‘This unity of European film-makers ensures that any co-production would be released simultaneously in all European countries the same day.’
      • ‘The film was a co-production with German producers.’