Definition of co-occur in US English:



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  • Occur together or simultaneously.

    ‘sets of symptoms which always co-occur’
    ‘a plural subject can co-occur with a singular verb’
    • ‘Along this line, depressive symptoms and violent behavior have been found to co-occur only in about 5% to 8% of adolescents.’
    • ‘Over time, similarly repeated anxiety-provoking experiences may contribute to the development of serious internalizing symptoms that co-occur with externalizing problems in these children.’
    • ‘These multi-dimensional scaling techniques examine the relationship between variables that co-occur at crime scenes and results indicating that an offender's behaviour mirrors aspects of his daily life.’
    • ‘Laughter emerges by around 4 months of age, long after the ability to smile or cry, and eventually co-occurs with speech.’
    • ‘However, those three conditions did not always co-occur.’
    • ‘Then he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder along with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which co-occurs in about 40 percent of those diagnosed with ADHD.’
    • ‘The first is that a cloud of methane has been found to co-occur with long-established clouds of water vapour in the rarefied Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘Cases of moderate to severe depression are rising also because depression often co-occurs with other problems - alcohol and drug abuse; personality, eating and anxiety disorders.’
    • ‘There are numerous studies that have found that marital distress tends to co-occur with a wide range of psychiatric symptoms and syndromes.’
    • ‘Specifically, several studies have demonstrated that participants will confidently infer a strong causal link between two events after observing only a single positive instance of a cause and effect co-occurring.’
    • ‘He makes the point, however, that not all risk factors have to be present for criminal behavior to occur, and that many such factors co-occur.’
    • ‘However, the presentation of delirium is the same regardless of whether dementia is present because symptoms of delirium will dominate when they co-occur.’
    • ‘What's also odd, is that this change in eating habits has also co-occurred with another major move.’
    • ‘As has been discussed, silence is multifaceted and co-occurs with numbers of other phenomena.’
    • ‘For other fathers, deferral co-occurs with descriptions of arranging and planning as a joint responsibility, in which the roles of the two parents are not distinguished.’
    • ‘I don't think I want to poke at that one any more closely, except to say that high infant mortality rates and higher fertility tend to co-occur.’
    • ‘Adolescent drug abuse co-occurs with other clinical problems with alarming frequency.’
    • ‘No major development, habitation or highways exist in the region of the collection and no introduced exotics are to be found co-occurring with this species or in the immediately adjacent habitats.’
    • ‘The majority of trials were conducted with purple shore crabs, the most abundant predatory species co-occurring with porcelain crabs.’
    • ‘This increased complexity appears to have co-occurred with a change in subsistence patterns, as evidenced by bone chemistry and faunal and artifactual data.’
    occur with, co-occur with, coincide with, coexist with, go with, go along with, go together with, go hand in hand with, appear with
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