Definition of co-conspirator in US English:



  • A person who is engaged in a conspiracy with another or others.

    ‘two men were named by the prosecution as co-conspirators’
    • ‘Her lover and co-conspirator Aaron is played with consummate skill by Guy Burgess, a name to conjure with as regards this role.’
    • ‘He was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court along with two co-conspirators.’
    • ‘I use history as a co-conspirator to create an illusion, a constructed reality that appears to be authentic.’
    • ‘Polonius becomes a shadowy figure, though he is openly identified as Claudius's co-conspirator in the murder of Hamlet's father.’
    • ‘A 29-year-old software developer confessed last month to masterminding a plot to use his position to alter bets placed by a co-conspirator.’
    • ‘Porter pointed also to the Dutch Republic in the same period, co-conspirator in actions as well as words aimed against the French colossus.’
    • ‘He was convicted solely on the testimony of co-conspirators who were now co-operating with the government.’
    • ‘He was called to give evidence as a co-conspirator.’
    • ‘Wayne enlists another co-conspirator to help him take down the bad guys.’
    • ‘She took steps to try to scuttle the plans of her former co-conspirators, behind their backs.’
    • ‘None of the appellants or their co-conspirators gave evidence at the trial.’
    • ‘An adaptation for stage followed after the success of South Park piqued interest in the previous work of Parker and Matt Stone, his South Park co-conspirator.’
    • ‘His constant co-conspirator, Francis, has fallen for pretty Margie Flynn, who is receptive to his advances.’
    • ‘Louise is nurse, confidante and co-conspirator.’
    • ‘Colleen Skull, as Elvira's maid, is a compatible and zesty sidekick and co-conspirator.’
    abetter, accessory, partner in crime, associate, confederate, collaborator, fellow conspirator
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