Definition of co-brand in English:



  • with object Designate (a product or service) with the brands of joint manufacturers or sponsors.

    • ‘The vice president of sales says that this is the first airline to co-brand its booking engine for any specific travel community.’
    • ‘He is expected to try to renegotiate key TV contracts and sponsorship deals, as well as co-market and co-brand the pay-per-view networks in the U.S.’
    • ‘In these arrangements companies typically keep their own name but co-brand their trucks and marketing material.’
    • ‘Scoop shops had been doing it for a while, but ice cream manufacturers began to co-brand products in the grocery store a few years ago.’
    • ‘Moreover, the company recently backed out of talks to do deals with cable providers to co-brand services.’
    • ‘The auto manufacturer and the video game company have launched an aggressive effort to co-brand all racing videogames.’
    • ‘Under the agreement, the two tech companies will co-brand this line of enterprise storage systems.’
    • ‘The two companies will co-brand this series of corrugated tubular heat exchangers.’
    • ‘To bring people the finest curricula, we collaborate and co-brand with leading knowledge institutions.’
    • ‘The company sometimes co-brands websites with television stations that can't afford to pay the licensing fees, splitting any revenue generated.’
    • ‘Some of those products suffer from lackluster performance, particularly the mutual funds it co-brands with the investment unit of the bank.’
    • ‘Customers can customize and co-brand the service to make it match a company's ‘look and feel.’’


  • A product or service jointly offered by two manufacturers or sponsors.

    • ‘The dairy marketing group offers retailers the use of its campaign for private label-specific promotions, including on-package use of the logo as an ingredient brand or a co-brand.’
    • ‘The company has also evolved into a network where other mission-driven organizations create co-brands of coffee to generate funds for their own work.’
    • ‘In the case of breakfast, potential co-brands might be milk, coffee, tea, juice, a fuel station store or even a newspaper or website.’
    • ‘The co-brand created in partnership with the beverage company, is a fair-trade, environmentally and economically just coffee.’
    • ‘The nation's second-largest credit-card issuer yesterday launched a co-brand card with the National Cultural and Arts Foundation.’
    • ‘We are excited to be distributing our leading service to our co-brand partners which include some of the UK's most innovative sites and online services.’
    • ‘Adding that name to it can be a very strong co-brand.’